• Electric Man Game and Their Versions

    Playing games can offer to relax to the mind. Online games are quite common and well-liked for everybody. Most of the folk are cognizant of online games. Here we tend to are providing you with the most effective fighting games. Electrical man 2 is one of the most effective fighting game to play. To play this game no have to be compelled to transfer it into your laptop. merely open and play sport.


    Electric Man:


    Most of the folks have the interest to play the fighting games. For them, electrical man is the most suitable option to play. To play this game initial you've got to pick the character like colour and name. choose the amount that you would like to play and every level has four rounds. Play and revel in the sport here.


    Game Controls:

    • Arrow keys to move your character
    • Quick moves: Use A, S, D Keys
    • Slow Motion moves: Use letter, W, E Keys

    Electric Man 2:


    Electric man 2 is associate degree unblocked stickman game. it's associate degree extension of electrical man game. it had been developed by Damien Clarke. will|you'll|you'll be able to} play this game against your pc otherwise you can play together with your friends. it's one amongst the habit-forming game once you begin taking part in you'll play endlessly. the most aim of the sport is to fight together with your opponents by giving punches. participate within the Voltagen Tournament and beat the present champion.


    Game Controls:

    • W for a slow-motion kick moves
    • Q for slow-motion punch moves
    • A for normal punch moves
    • D for grab moves
    • E for slow-motion grab moves
    • Arrow keys to run and dodge

    Electric Man 3:


    Electric man 3 is unblocked fighting game. it's the third edition of the sport electrical man unblocked game. This version has the most effective graphics. The players WHO play the recent versions can play this new unblocked game with identical game controls. it's having new options compared to the recent one. during this game, you play as a stickman character WHO will build completely different advanced band attacks and kill many enemies at a time. Your health bar is on the highest of the screen in addition because the health bar of your enemies and your single mission is to kill all enemies and win the spherical.

    Game lovers can get pleasure from these versions of the electrical man game. The players WHO can prefer to play fighting games will certainly like this electrical man game. To play this game no have to be compelled to transfer it merely you'll play it on online. Paly and revel in the sport.

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